UPM Stakeholder Mapping Research

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February 26, 2016
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February 27, 2016

UPM Stakeholder Mapping Research

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UPM is a Finnish company which seeks to establish its business in Ghana. They contracted Mahogany Consult to undertake a Stakeholder Mapping Research as well as present the country’s landscape in terms of its business, media, political, social, and cultural climate. In addition, Mahogany Consult put together an entry communication plan for the team. The work done was:

  • Identifying potential stakeholders
  • Undertaking desktop research on existing information
  • Designing standard questionnaire for each grouping to facilitate information gathering
  • Setting up meetings and interviews with individuals and groups
  • Classifying and mapping various stakeholders
  • Putting together the stakeholder mapping document and engagements recommendation
  • Holding a briefing session with client
  • Providing a communication strategy plan for client

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